Manage your hotel easily with our simple cloud PMS

Get the work done faster and with less effort. Manage your reservations, track payments and daily tasks with the most easy to use PMS. Keep your guests happy and grow your business.



Connect with channel manager and sync your real availability with OTAs like, expedia, Hotelbeds, Airbnb. Connect with 3rd party systems and maximize your visibility.

Web Check-in

Allow your guest to check-in online before their arrival.


Create Invoices

Create invoices and tax documents with just a few clicks. Track billing and payments.

Get Statistics

Get data from reports and stats, improve your revenue day by day.

Powerful tools and functionality

GO AHEAD . . .
  • Smart Dashboard to easily get info and take actions
  • Dynamic Reservations Plan
  • Detailed Rate Catalogs
  • Track Reservations Extras and Alerts
  • Reservation Split
  • Create Invoices and other Tax documents
  • Track Billing and Payments
  • Reports and Stats with Charts
  • Detailed Guests' Data
  • Cleaning report
  • Guest web check-in functionality
  • Detailed Guest's Data
  • Available from any device with internet access
  • Daily backup
  • Connected with channel manager and other 3rd party systems
  • Budget saver, no need to invest on special equipment
  • Frequent upgrades

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Web Check-in

We welcome you to our brand new check-in module

After many years of use in other travel areas like flights, online check-in for hotels is finally here. And it will be permanently.

It is safe and convenient

Your guests will be happy to check-in before they arrive at your hotel and feel safer.


You can sync bookings from your channel manager or import them manually.

Great Welcome

You have all the information you need to welcome your guests in a unique way.


You set the requested fields, which fields are required, when the check-in notification will be sent and when the guest will be able to check-in.

GDPR and digital signature

Guests can use any device, desktop, tablet or mobile, to fill the form and sign digitally.