Create receipts, invoices and any other tax document with just a few clicks. Customise your documents with your logo, your company information and extra details like payment instructions.


Pdf Ready

Print it, downloaded it or email it directly to the guest. All tax documents to pdf.

Fully customizable

You can set the taxes and the rules you need. You can fine tune the document style. Include the information you need like payments, due amount and more with our simple tag templating. Bcc the invoices to an email of your own or your accountant.

For Greek Region

Following the new rules you can easily send your tax documents to A.A.D.E and myData platform with a click.

myData invoicing AADE

Billing & Payments

Track billing and payments efficiently. Easily charge extras like mini-bar, snacks, parcking and more. Split billing between two or more guests. Create separate invoices for accommodation and extra charges. Transfer credit for next visit.

Accounting reports

Get detailed lists of invoices and payments. Go to billing cards to see a summary of all client status.


You can style your tax documents easy enouph and display only the fields you want and the colors you thinks is best for your brand.

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