Web Check-in

Let your guest check-in online. Make them fill safe and comfortable. Free up time and use all the information you have from your guests before their arrival to make them feel unique.


Any device

Responsive design to check-in online from any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.

Fully customizable

You set the information you will ask, what fields are required, when you send the notification with the link and when the check-in will be available.

What is the experience for my Guest?

Your Guests receive an email notification with the link to the form, having some of the fields pre-filled. They fill in the gaps, digitally draw their signature and click check-in.

What do I get?

When the guests finalize their check-in, you immediately receive a notification and the information of the form. You can preview the check-in and if for any reason you want to let them repeat the process, you can just delete it.

Reception online check-in

You can also use the module and offer a digital check-in even in your hotel's reception. Just open your guests' reservation on a tablet, click check-in and let them fill the digital form.

Bundled and stand-alone

Web check-in is bundled with all PMS versions but also comes as a stand-alone product.

Connected and Synced

Bundled or not, the web check-in module can be connected with your channel manager and get your reservations. Alternatively, you can import basic booking information and use it manually.

Try it as a guest and see how it works

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