Cloud Based

Managinng.com is a web based application on the cloud. A browser is only what you need to start. And because it is on the cloud you have Nothing to install, you can access your data from Anywhere, Any Time and almost from Any Device incuding mobile devices.

State of the Art Reservations Plan


Get the big picture at a glance. All your reservations are here with different colors based on the status. You can see your free locations, move existing Reservations, expand CheckOut dates, or change the Room. Create a new Reservation with a click. It's so easy like a game.

Guest History


Keep a list with all your Guests. Visit a Guest Record to see all the details and history. For Regular Guests, find notes, rooms he/she likes and other information. Stay in touch using phone or mail.

Expenses Tracking

Get a list with your suppliers.
Track your expenses, your payments and balance.
See how much you spend and where.

Easy to Learn

Keep it Simple. This is what we have in mind from the beginning of the managinng.com. This is why you are going to love it. It's Simple, Easy and Affortable.

Are you ready to
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